February 8, 2023

10 Open Concept Small Living Room and Kitchen Ideas

The cost of property is skyrocketing. As a result, many people have to get by with a small apartment. To make it look more spacious, they usually ditch the walls and adopt an open concept floor plan.

10. Define the Functions with Rugs (00:43)
9. Arrange the Furniture Properly (01:25)
8. Showcase a Cohesive Look with Colors or Materials (02:21)
7. Make Your Kitchen Island Serve Double-Duty (03:00)
6. Industrial Open Floor plan Idea (03:39)
5. Open Concept Small Living Room with Ocean View (04:14)
4. Opt for Bright, Neutral Colors (04:57)
3. Let Natural Light Come in (05:28)
2. Try a Room Divider (05:58)
1. Place a Dining Room in between (06:40)

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