June 29, 2022

External Basement Waterproofing – RCC Waterproofing FAQ

The External Drainage System is the only way to protect your home’s foundation from moisture and keep the water from entering the home. To learn more about the RCC External Waterproofing system visit: https://www.rccwaterproofing.com/services/waterproofing-outside/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video%20Description

Click here to learn more about external waterproofing: https://www.rccwaterproofing.com/services/waterproofing-outside/

RCC Waterproofing
Location: 4101 Steeles Avenue West, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario M3N 1V7
Phone: 416-747-1920 or 1-888-766-2071 (Toll Free)
Email: info@rccwaterproofing.com
RCC Waterproofing Website – https://www.rccwaterproofing.com/

Exterior Waterproofing 0:00
Excavating the Hole by Foundation Wall 0:22
Adding Hydraulic Cement to Foundation Cracks 0:46
Applying Rubberized Membrane to Foundation Walls 1:12
Installing Drainage Membrane to Foundation Wall 2:00
Backfilling Hole and Finishing Waterproofing Job 2:44

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