May 18, 2022

SMALL BATHROOM Smart Design Ideas 2021

SMALL BATHROOM Smart Design Ideas 2021: Next trends in a bathroom roomtour with 11 interior design ideas for remodel your bathroom.
With new water drainage technology and elegant shower floor.
Also design planning for your bathroom remodel with a elegant sliding glass door which you can push away for more space in the small bathroom and also a big showerbench for relaxing.
Waterproof showerfloor with black floor tiles and epoxy resin joints in combination with creme wall tiles are a absolutely timeless design for the bathroom 2021.

Best planning with cosmetic mirror, Interiordesign ideas and new bathroomtrends 2021 like washbasin furniture and led light with touch sensor. Listen to the shower sound and refreshingly drops of water in this trend bathroom 2021. Find also smart new technology in this interior bath roomtour with tile trends and bathroom design ideas 2020 / 2021.

Timeless elegant design ideas and a modern remodel planning for your new bathroom.

0:00 overview small bathroom smart design ideas 2021
0:27 the bathroom planning
0:38 sliding and gliding shower door
1:00 timeless color design
1:17 modern vanity unit
1:40 shower seat
1:55 shower design
2:10 air water shower pipe
2:30 water drainage technology
2:41 pump out and solve height problems
3:08 smartdesign
3:19 smarttechnology
3:31 epoxy resin joints
3:42 the best for last

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