December 7, 2021

How to Build a Walk-In Shower (Part 3 – Waterproofing KBRS ShowerSlope)

Today’s video completes our 3 part video series showing how to build a walk-in shower using KBRS’s ShowerSlope. We share how to waterproof the cement board, shower niche, and shower pan.

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The first step is to cut all the pieces of fleece. Do this for the corners, seams, shower niche, and any change of plane.

Apply the KBRS ShowerSeal liquid waterproofing to the corners and add a small square piece of fleece. Use a paint brush and 3″ putty knife to apply the liquid waterproofing membrane. Smooth any folds in the fleece as this affects the ability to tile properly.

Once the corners are done, add fleece to the shower pan/cement board seams. All pieces of fleece should overlap each other by 2 inches. Again, smooth any wrinkles in the fleece.

The next step is to apply the fleece to the vertical corners and horizontal seams of the cement board, then around any transitions with drywall or the shower niche.

We finished waterproofing this walk-in shower by applying the liquid waterproofing membrane to the shower pan and drain.

Watch the video for all the details.


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