March 21, 2023

Modern LED Crystal Gold Chandelier Luxury Lighting Kitchen Dining Living room Bedroom #short

Modern LED Crystal Chandeliers Gold Chandelier Luxury Lighting Kitchen Dining Living room Bedroom hanging Lamp lustre

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Additional Services: Light fixtures and other goods can be purchased on behalf. Please provide product pictures and sizes.
1: Shipping mode: DHL UPS FEDEX TNT EMS China Post:; Global ships (except in some countries or special remote locations);
If the buyer chooses a mode of transport that is not suitable for the package, the seller is obliged to change it.
2: If the buyer has not received the goods for a long time, please contact the seller in time. Please don’t open a dispute.
The seller will process the order the first time.
3: Customs clearance tasks: the seller is not responsible for the import customs clearance of the package, the buyer is obliged to clear customs.Buyers are obliged to bear customs duties.
The following is a notice of the protection of the rights and interests of buyers:
1. If the buyer receives the package, there is a package breakage/defect/Wrong goods board, please take photos of the product in time, contact the seller for after-sales processing of the order.
Please don’t open the dispute. We are committed to handling it properly and doing our best to protect the rights and interests of buyers.Thank you
2. Due to the problem of light during photography, there may be differences in photos and objects, please consider clearly when placing your order, we do not accept disputes over such issues.
Feedback suggestions:
1: Our goal is to provide all buyers with the best goods and services, and to strive for customer satisfaction to play to 100%.
Feedback and advice from buyers is very important to us and other buyers.
2: If satisfied with our products and services, please give us positive feedback (five-star) as a reward, if you feel dissatisfied, you can contact the seller at any time to deal with.
The order price does not include tariffs.


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