December 7, 2021

Small Bathroom Remodel Tips…3 Ideas for Making Bathrooms Bigger

Are you doing a small bathroom remodel? Today’s three tips will help you maximize the size of your bathroom while making it look brand spanking new. Plus, we link to more videos that show our tips in action.

Helpful links:
Bathroom Repair Tutor —
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American standard floating sink —
American standard metal frame sink –
KBRS waterproof shower system —

Small Bathroom Remodel Tip #1

Don’t downsize the tub. Instead, keep the tub at a reasonable size and build a pony wall or kneed wall to make the bathroom look bigger. Then add a glass panel on that wall to improve the look of the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Remodel Tip #2

Install a pedestal sink instead of a traditional vanity. Floating pedestal sinks are great for super small bathrooms. While pedestal sinks with a metal frame keep the look of the bathroom spacious while providing much needed storage.

Small Bathroom Remodel Tip #3

Customize the shower to make the bathroom bigger. For example, we recently installed the KBRS ShowerSlope and maximized the shower pan by cutting the curb in half. This added two inches to the bathroom and still gave us a modern looking shower.

Watch our video for all the tips and additional links to videos that’ll help with your project


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