May 17, 2022

Genius $10,000 Home Renovation | COMPLETE House Remodel BEFORE & AFTER

This is an entertaining and inspiring Home Renovation video that shows the BEFORE & AFTER of a complete house remodel on a budget and how it can add value to your real estate property. If you’re looking for clever DIY home renovation ideas on a budget you’re at the right place. Buying a fixer upper comes with a DIY house makeover opportunity. We had $10,000 left to renovate the home so we had to get creative. Up until that stage we’ve never renovated a property and have only seen it done on home renovation tv shows. The kitchen remodel was the most pleasant part to see…. but you’ll see all the Before & After of this complete house remodel by watching the video:).

○ How to Plan a Garage Conversion
○ Remove Garage Door and Enclose it
○ Garage Insulation
○ Garage adding Toilet and Shower
○ Garage Laundry Makeover
○ The Million Dollar house for $78pw

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