October 3, 2022

I LEFT the FARMHOUSE ;) | Maple Syrup | BBQ Steak | New Renovation Plans for my Interior Design

In this video we have our first bbq on the deck this spring (we bbq all winter but this is the first one outside eating 😉 ) . We also share with you our maple syrup we produced this season and give upcoming plans on the next Reno to our farmhouse interior. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to like and subscribe to keep updated!

We’re a couple remodelling an old farmhouse one room at a time. After serving in the army for the last several years, we faced a major setback with a medical release in 2018 and had to pack up our family and live in an RV on 70 acres we purchased with the impending release. We built our own home, and learned to live a more self reliant life while transitioning to a completely new life outside of the army. We built and sold the first home we built, which is documented entirely on our main channel “MBF Off-Grid”. We sold it to be closer to medical care but that didn’t stop us from fighting and moving forward. We also are building off the grid on a small mountain in the beautiful woods of Eastern Canada and that build can be seen on our main channel “MBF Off-Grid”.

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