June 4, 2023

real estate fix and flip vs airbnb business-before and after-staging

I bought this house to fix and flip but as we were approaching the end of the renovation, it was such a nice house I thought maybe it would be a good idea to keep it and turn it into an airbnb business, travel nurse short term rental. As I was doing the reno, something hit me and the idea of keeping it as a long term hold started to swirl around in my head.  When I started doing the research to see how many other short term rentals were in the area, I was shocked.  There actually were NONE!  You know how business works, where there’s no supply demand goes through the roof(at least that’s what we’re taught)     
 So I looked to see what the daily rental rate was in the closest house and once again a shocker, the lowest airbnb rental rate was $170 per night.  Some units were going for as much as $230 per night.  Let’s go inside to see the before and after of the construction & see the staging we use in our AirBnb business. Since the housing market is so hot, let’s go over the numbers together to see what the fix and flip profit is vs the short term rental profit is, the numbers don’t lie….

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00:00- Intro
2:35 – Here’s the new kitchen and great room
4:59 – Let’s go over the numbers on the flip and on the AirBnB
9:06 – Primary bedroom and bathroom with staging
10:13 – The other bedrooms have a king size bed, queen and bunk beds
11:50 – You can save a ton of money by resurfacing tubs
12:31 – See the exterior of the property and the neighborhood

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