March 21, 2023

GOING AS PLANNED!!! | Shop Update! 4/20/22

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Hello, everyone! Thanks for coming to support us today! Here at AJA, my wife and I have been tirelessly working virtually and in-person for seven years to help people worldwide better enjoy the sport of archery and bowhunting. The time has come for us to take the leap and (literally) put AJA on the map as a full-fledge, brick and mortar shop!

We plan to open our doors by July 1st, 2022!

If you feel that AJA has benefited you in your journey with archery, consider donating to help us further our reach, and continue to produce quality, informative content, and up-to-date advice on today’s top products from the archery industry. It’s time for me to (literally) move out of the basement and into a professional space to film, work, and better the archery and small business community!

How Your Donation Helps

With over 3,000sqft of retail and 20-yard range space, the AJA shop will be located in downtown Philipsburg, PA. The shop is part of a revitalization project to bring small businesses back into the limelight!

1. We anticipate upwards of $15,000 in initial startup costs. The store will serve as a full retail location for the latest archery gear offered by several top brands and as a complete pro-shop offering work on compounds and crossbows. Currently, the building is designed for industrial use, and we must convert it to its intended purpose! The initial retail costs will include displays, walls, cases, benches, installation of services such as a point-of-sale system, and tools such as bow presses, serving jigs, and arrow saws.

2. Remaining funds will be used exclusively for store inventory and content creation through the AJA YouTube channel. The biggest hurdle for a startup retail business is, of course, the capital for inventory. It’s one thing to provide exceptional service on your current gear, but a whole other thing to have the equipment ready for you to purchase.

3. Right now, we are bringing in many of the top brands in the industry into the store. Some are household names, while others are just getting started. Products from Athens, PSE, Bear, Wicked Ridge, B3, Redline, Trophy Ridge, Hasmkea, Wasp Broadheads, GAS Bowstrings, and many more!

4. Not only will these funds give us stock for purchase, but it also allows me the opportunity to bring gear into the shop that people want to see in review videos! The entire AJA studio will be moving to the new business location, allowing seamless transitions from showcasing to using gear on the indoor, 20-yard range. It will also enable better access to classes, lessons, and individual range sessions to help bring even more archers to the sport!

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