March 22, 2023

2nd Suite Conversions – How To Deal With Ceiling Height Issues (Often the hardest obstacle)

Basement Walkthrough: Finding Extra Space to Create a Second Suite

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When it comes to creating second suites in the basement of a single-family home it’s important to understand the potential challenges and roadblocks that could stop you from increasing the cash flow in your property.

Join Real Estate Investor and former contractor Chris Shebib as he walks you through the basement and highlights the key areas to look for and what to consider when looking at basement remediation or converting a basement to a livable space and second suite rental.

Chris explores the challenges of a low ceiling height and offers some solutions as well the pros and cons of either underpinning the basement or relocating the furnace, both of which can have implications and very different costs.

00:28 Basement walkthrough
01:06 Too low beam
01:40 Beam obstacles
02:20 Basement location for kitchen and bathroom
02:30 Ductwork challenge
02:50 Is moving the furnace an option?
03:13 Is underpinning an option?
03:50 Look at the electrical panel
04:45 Underpin – Pros and Cons
05:15 Relating the Furnace – Pros and Cons
05:49 General look at the current first floor home
07:33 Meet Chris Shebib
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Large Bungalow Conversion – Part 2 – Waterproofing & Ceiling Height Challenges

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About Chris Shebib & Blue Orchard Property Group

Chris Shebib is a realtor, speaker, coach and award-winning real estate investor. Heโ€™s been in real estate for 20+ years with a proven track record in both Canada and the United States.

He has managed hundreds of thousands of dollars of renovation and contracting projects in Canada and the US, bought and sold homes, helped generate returns on investment properties, received a National Top Investor Award and been featured in numerous national and real estate media.

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