May 18, 2022

AQUAFIN-RB400 – Rapid cementitious waterproofing in application

Areas of application:
• In new and existing buildings.
• Outdoor and indoor waterproofing.
• Waterproofing in direct ground, plinth waterproofing and transverse waterproofing in and below walls in accordance with DIN 18533 for water impact classes W1-E, W1.2-E and W4-E.
• Subsequent waterproofing in accordance with WTA Leaflet 4-6 against soil moisture, non pressure water and pressure water (with suitable construction).
• Waterproofing of containers and tanks.
• Manual / mechanical application.

• Rapid reactive drying, almost climate-independent.
• Layer thickness of 2 to 4 mm.
• Overcoat after approx. 3 hours.
• Very low drying loss.
• Adheres to damp substrates without primers.
• Two component.
• Multi-functional.
• Seam-free and jointless.
• Hydraulic, self-cross-linking setting.
• Highly flexible and crack bridging.
• Suitable for all load-bearing, conventional substrates.
• Sulfate resistant.
• Resistant to de-iceing salts.
• Resistant to frost, UV and ageing.


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