August 9, 2022

Kitchen Rough In Wiring Guide

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Non Metallic Wire:
12/2/2 Dual Circuit NM Wire:
12/2 NM Wire:
14/2 NM Wire:
18/2 Low Voltage Wire or Bell / Thermostat Wire:
8/3 40amp Electric Range Wire:
6/3 50amp Electric Range Wire:

Other Supplies:
Single Gang Deep Box:
Double Gang Deep Box:
Cable Staples:
Multiple Cable Staples:

Book Recommendations:
Wiring a House by Rex Cauldwell:
Wiring Simplified:

These are all of the typical circuits for kitchen rough in wiring. Note that the dining room receptacles can be powered by one of the 2+ counter top circuits but having a separate circuit is advisable.

1 – 240v Electric Range 40amp 8/3 (Could be 6/3 50amp)
2 – 120v Countertop Receptacles #1 20amp 12/2
3 – 120v Countertop Receptacles #2 20amp 12/2
4 – 120v Microwave/Range Hood 20amp 12/2
5 – 120v Dishwasher 20amp 12/2
6 – 120v Garbage Disposal 20amp 12/2
7 – 120v Refrigerator 20amp 12/2
8 – 120v Dining Room 20amp 12/2
9 – 120v All Lighting 15amp 14/2

Here I do my best to explain the required wiring circuits for the typical kitchen wiring rough in. Remember to always contact your electrical inspector before beginning any work and to have it inspected. This information is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon solely but rather should give you some ideas.

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