June 4, 2023

BondTAC: Waterproofing a Shower Stall using BondTAC 1500 Waterproof Elastomeric Adhesive Membrane

In this video, one of the lead developers of the BondTAC waterproofing membranes demonstrates the use of BondTAC 1500 Waterproof Elastomeric Adhesive Membrane in the construction of a shower. The incredible properties of BondTAC 1500 allow the use of simple, cost-effective gypsum board (sheetrock) to be used for the construction, instead of the more expensive cement board. BondTAC 1500 completely waterproofs the surface, and not only prevents water from reaching the protected gypsum board, it actually repels the water, causing it to bead up and run down the surface. Additionally, BondTAC 1500 requires only a thin (4 mil) coat to achieve its full waterproofing capabilities. This is how it is able to cover an industry-crushing area of 225-500 square feet per gallon!

For more information, please contact our exclusive U.S. distributor:
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