June 29, 2022

Waterproofing Hebel Autoclaved aerated concrete

Waterproofing Hebel Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) – https://onlinewaterproofingshop.com/waterproofing-hebel-aac/ – If you’re searching for Waterproofing Hebel Autoclaved aerated concrete then watch this video to learn everything you need to know about Waterproofing Hebel Autoclaved aerated concrete

Waterproofing HEBELHow to use Drizoro Construction Materials for Waterproofing HEBEL
The #Drizoroconstructionproducts required for the waterproofing HEBEL blocks and panels are


Treatment for Previously Coated HEBEL Surfaces
1. Remove all render, paint or other material from the substrate.( If a surface has been previously painted remove all delaminating material and apply MAXSEAL FLEX

2. All joints must be sealed with MAXSEAL FLEX embedded with MAXMESH in the first coat.

3. Surface area to be coated must be primed first with a coat of MAXSEAL FOUNDATION this will seal the surface in preparation for finish coats. The surface must be wet before applying a prime coat (AAC is highly porous, therefore saturation with water is highly recommended).

4. Treatment of Vertical Hebel Surfaces above ground recommended that MAXQUICK ROLL is applied to the surface in a single coat application
MAXQUICK ROLL is not to be used in the situation of water containment.

CSR Hebel conducted in house testing, by Quality Services Laboratory – Somersby NSW, for BOND STRENGTH. The test used is known as Bond Wrench Test and 2 of Drizoro products were tested and shown to bond sufficiently.

Drizoro Maxquick Roll – decorative, waterproof coating
Drizoro Maxseal White n Grey
All Maxseal versions would be expected to have similar results. For the technically minded please find the report 27.01CSR Wrench Report.https://onlinewaterproofingshop.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/27.01CSR%20wrench%20Report.pdf

Waterproofing HEBEL / AAC


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