March 22, 2023

Small Bathroom Makeover! Temporary Renovations for Rental Apartment

Hey guys, long time no see! Seba and I filmed the process of giving my bathroom a little makeover, we live in a rental property so we cant modify anything permanently. I managed to do some super cool upgrades for not much money and that can be easily removed when we move out!
Let me know what you think 🙂

Vinyl wall paper
Shower curtain
Shower curtain rod
Shower curtain clips
Self adhering door moulding
Over toilet storage
Artwork & frame
Coral on clear base, similar
Tall vase
Pampas grass
Faux plant
Gold cannisters (similar)
(Pls note some of the above are affiliate links, if you shop with that link I may earn a small commission on your purchase, I appreciate everyone that does this!)


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