March 21, 2023

1 MAN – 1 HOUSE! (A 3 Year DIY Home Renovation TL)

Watch a near 3-year time lapse unfold as Deric (the Architect turned DIY Home Renovator) shows the EPIC before and after journey through the home improvement project’s progress that has been made so far on a rundown old 100 year old house. This fast paced video montage set to music shows all of the Do It Yourself effort on the house renovation project and home remodeling and redecorating that has transpired to date. It’s the channel’s 100th EPISODE!

It’s been a long story and a long journey so far starting with an $8000 rundown foreclosure house. The time-lapse shows the DIY home renovation as it unfolds. This timelapse will show the evolution and transformation from before and after of a man, a father, his family and the house – not to mention the channel’s continued growth and maturity.

This video is my 100th video special that outlines the home renovation effort of a Do It Yourself project that is truly an incredible before and after transformation featuring bits of time lapse footage, how to segments, do it yourself projects, home renovation techniques, construction, home decoration, home remodeling and of course some good wholesome family fun.

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Rundown Reborn – Episode 100
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