October 3, 2022

What type of flooring should I use in my Basement Renovation

What type of flooring should I use in my Basement Renovation? Al Cloern, owner of Basements Unlimited answers your questions concerning Basement remodeling for Westerville Ohio..
As far as the type of flooring that you should use in a basement remodel we still feel the best choice is carpet. In a basement renovation you could do ceramic tile, but it is extremely hard obviously. Ceramic tile is also cold and it will radiate the cold off of the floor and your room may not have the warm cozy feel you are after in a finished basement.
You could choose the Pergo type flooring but you still have to be cautious with moisture with that type of flooring. And you could also use hard wood flooring that is engineered for a basement floor. All of these are fine, but they will still have a colder feel to the room and also they will have moisture issues if you have a leak of some sort for whatever reason in your basement.
Carpet is still the best choice for a basement remodel in that it gives a warm comfortable feel to the room, kids will lay on it, and if you do get moisture on it and you are proactive with the clean up… You can get it cleaned up and back to its original condition and still use it with no problem at all. So at Basements Unlimited, we feel carpet is still your best choice for your basement remodeling project in your home.


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