August 9, 2022

Interior Ashburn Remodel

Sometimes a home reaches a point in its lifespan when an interior remodel is necessary to bring fresh life to a space. Such was the case for our client and their cozy Ashburn townhome. While an exterior update isn’t generally possible within a townhome community, the interior is a very personal way to create spaces that serve the inhabitants well. In this case, our client envisioned an updated kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and more that would give them the home they had always wanted to enjoy for the long-term.

Bright Kitchen Remodel Updates

As part of the interior remodel that MOSS completed, the kitchen was updated with all new cabinetry, flooring, countertops, and appliances, as well as a new tile backsplash, new kitchen island, and updated eat-in dining room. Expertly handcrafted by MOSS carpenters, the dining room banquette has permanent built-ins and a bench. The tile backsplash, an unusual diamond-shaped series of pieces, gives the kitchen a unique look and feel. The addition of an office/coffee/glassware nook gives the smaller space even more counter space that wasn’t available prior to the remodel.

Soothing Bathroom Remodels on Multiple Levels

A bathroom remodel in a small space can initially feel limited in scope. However, the choice of new vanities, tile, flooring, and more can truly make a bathroom feel brand new. This was true for the remodeled bathrooms in this Ashburn townhome. Our client chose to update all aspects of the bathroom, including the vanity mirror, décor, and more, in addition to the major selections. We love how the bathrooms are filled with light and are lovely and bright for both the master bathroom and the guest bathroom.

Gorgeous Shiplap Master Bedroom Wall

Our client wanted to create a wall of shiplap in their master bedroom, which MOSS happily installed. It is a unique way to give a master bedroom (or any wall!) an artistic look and feel but which doesn’t take away from the space’s allotted footprint.

Always remember that a small space doesn’t mean that big changes can’t happen! This Ashburn townhome is a beautiful example of how an interior remodel can entirely change the look of a home and create the space that had always been desired.


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