October 3, 2022

How to Install Spray-Foam Insulation – Victorian Kitchen Remodel in Rowley, MA – Bob Vila eps.3103

Insulation 101: http://www.bobvila.com/articles/303-insulation-101/pages/1
Home Renovation: Ventilation and Insulation: http://www.bobvila.com/articles/2083-home-renovation-ventilation-and-insulation/pages/1

The Queen Anne Victorian addition is ready for clapboard siding to match the existing façade and trim. Inside, the demolition is complete, the chimney stack has been removed, and a custom steel structural support has been placed where the load-bearing dining-room wall once stood. Insulation specialists explain, and begin to install, the expanding foam, closed-cell insulation. Outside, contractor Tim Berky completes a custom backerboard and transitional bed molding to match the original 1890s molding.


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