May 29, 2023



Goodwill has a run for its money! We’re on a mission to find antiques and old stuff we can resell for a profit, so we’re hitting all four major national thrift stores in one town, one day. In the process, we sightsee in a small Ohio River town, find an interesting antique store in transition and stumble on an exciting new thrift store discovery!

Our first stop is a happy experience at the Habitat for Humanity ‘Restore’. We always thought of Restores as a good place to find older furniture, but surprise! Restores like this one are now accepting small used goods as donations. We spend not enough camera time and more than expected shopping time here, finding depression glass, Limoges china and some cool antique gear we can buy at prices that will make us (and our customers) happy. Should we tell everyone that Restore is the new Goodwill shopping alternative for thrift store finds?

We roll off through quaint neighborhoods and past a venerable shoe store to discover The Elm, a long-time antique shop whose dusty leftovers are on sale as part of a big makeover. We find good old stuff to buy in both the renewed front area and the dusty back section, happy to see both progress and bargains as this antique shop revamps for a new collecting generation.

We run into a fun viewer and reseller at St. Vincent dePaul, the next on our major thrift store list. Her cart is filling fast, and I feel inspired to pick up a few things myself; then it’s off to Salvation Army and Goodwill, thanks to her kind directions. The biggest surprise of the day comes when the clerk at one store says I can just have the 99 cent item I picked, a Coco Joe’s monstera leaf caddy worth $15 that I might just keep for myself!

Thrifting home decor and thrifting for resale might not produce the volume of inventory shopping at an antiques store would, but the things we find sure have a ton of profit potential. Enjoy antique shopping and vlogging with us!


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