May 29, 2023

100K Mirror ,French Auction , A 1960 Line Vautrin Roi Witches Mirror

A 100K Mirror
A 1960’s Line Vautrin Roi Mirror

The Artist uses Talosel to create the rays of the sun on a witches mirror

We discover what a new technique created by the Poetess of Metal

To check out the upcoming Auction Sales :

We have been quiet
But we have been so busy
Lots going on at our passion project
Lots going on at the chateau
But most importantly, we got called by the local auction house as they have an amazing piece !
Something they have never seen before , along with lots of antiques
There will be 2 auction sales one on the 27th of May and one on the 11th of June

The passion project renovation / the chateau upkeeping take a much needed break for a few hours and so do we .

More on tonight’s vlog x

Huge Thank You to everyone for their Love & Support x
Special Thank You to all of our amazing Patrons x
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