September 21, 2023

How to update an old interior door

In this video I use inexpensive trim to update an old door in my house. I glued and nailed each length of trim on the door to create a raised-panel appearance. Each piece of trim is mitred at 45 degrees, which can be cut very easily with hand tools if needed. The trim was bought for roughly $26 and was enough to complete one door. The door was then primed and painted before being re-hung.

The paint used was a semi-gloss white. My doors had an old oil-based clearcoat on them so before final painting I had to use an oil-to-latex primer.

I only used a couple tools in this video, which you can find below…

Primer to allow a water-based paint to be applied over an oil-based finish –
Semi-gloss white paint (water-based) –

Tape measure –
Stanley Square –
Brad Nailer:
Wood Glue:
Palm Sander –
Mitre saw:
Milwaukee drill –
Picquic Screwdriver –
Wood Filler –


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