May 29, 2023

Installing Cabinets at the Shanty Kitchen Remodel.

Cabinets have been delivered at out clients Shanty Kitchen Remodel.

I’m (Lisa, Ashley’s Designer ) is visiting Mr. Willard (our contractor and Carpenter extronaire and my hubby) to see how it is coming along. also to lend a hand if needed.

Adam has his laser set up and shims ready for any imperfections in the foundation so our client’s chili pot stays level.

Adam discusses the importance of making sure all the cabinets are even and level.

He also tells us what his favorite and most dependable tool is. His answer was sweet at first but like most women, I started overthinking why I would be a tool.

Anyhoo, stay tuned for more of this #kitchentransformation and why we call it the #Shantykitchen Remodel.


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