May 29, 2023

Outdated En-Suite Bathroom Renovation

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Welcome to our series of vlogs where we will be renovating our early 1960’s converted bungalow in the beautiful Kent countryside. This renovation will involve a lot of #DIY as we do like to get stuck in however we are not professionals in any way so these are not tutorials 😂. From experience renovating previous properties we know that we learn from our mistakes and pick up new tips, tricks and skills along the way. This is not going to be a quick turn around, we’ll be doing this over the course of the next few years so thank you for coming along for the journey, hopefully we’ll still have all our limbs, fingers and toes intact by the end of it 🤞🏼
#HomeRenovation #homedecor

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[AD – Pr Product] Wall Tiles
[AD – Pr Product] Floor Tiles
Black Trim Around Recesses
[AD – Pr product] Paint
Toilet – Plumbing World
Marble Basin & Stand
Tap & Mixer
Shower Tray – Plumbing World
Shower Fixtures
Shower Screen – Plumbing World
Pocket Door System – Ironmongery Direct
Black Glazed Door – Leader Doors
Bench Radiator – Chelsea Supplies Online
Glass Front Cabinet – IKEA Billy Bookcase with Oxberg doors in stained white oak.
Lightswitch – Varlight bought from TLC electrical
Concealed Ceiling Spotlights – PEC Lights
Hand Wash Bottle Bracket (find a more affordable alternative here )
Hand Wash & Hand Lotion
Wall Lights
Shower Squeegee
Hook on Shower Screen
Soap Dish
Toilet Roll Holder
Reed Diffuser
Long Basket (on lower recess shelf)
Round Basket with Lid
Laundry Basket

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