May 29, 2023

How to silicone a tiled shower to stop leaks – Inspire DIY Kent Thomas

This is the easiest part of waterproofing your tiled shower, and it will give the tiles a fresh and clean look.

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Apply silicone like a professional.
I am applying silicone (similar to caulk) around the shower, at every change of plane (meaning where walls meet walls, and walls meet floor), these are the notoriously leaky spots of a tiled shower, mostly due to building movement and previous attempts at sealing, remove old silicone, caulking, or grout (if this was used for the corners) and CLEAN THE AREA WELL before applying the new silicone – most important!

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Bathroom and Kitchen (Acetoxy cure) Silicone is resistant to mould and mildew, so it stays whiter for longer
Need a silicone or caulking gun? Everyone’s favourite ‘drip free’ Caulking Gun
For clean ups, In the US use Denatured Ethyl Alcohol or in the UK and Australia (and everywhere else) use Methylated Spirits The cheapest way to buy is on eBay

Need to remove all the old silicone first? check out my technique just here
when using chemicals like Methylated Spirits, make sure you keep your skin safe with some of these Blue Vinyl (powder free) Disposable Gloves in ‘Large Size’ 100pack

This is part of a larger shower renovation project – join me on Inspire DIY as I take you through all the different aspects of fixing this leaking shower, watch the playlist:

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Methylated Spirits Diggers 1 ltr from Bunnings australia


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