May 29, 2023

Full empty house tour + renovation plans (OUR FIRST HOME 🏡 )

Welcome to our EMPTY HOUSE TOUR! 🏡 🔑 Michael and I just completed the process of buying our first home and have started some exciting home renovation projects!

I know that I gave you all a little sneak peek of our house in a vlog that I posted a few weeks ago, but today I thought it would be fun to take you along for an ENTIRE new home tour—a full walkthrough of our 4-bedroom, 4-bath empty house—to show you the current state of things.

Throughout the video, I give a breakdown of our renovation plans (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.) and our initial furniture layout ideas!

I still can’t believe WE BOUGHT A HOME!

00:00-03:29 – what’s going on
03:30-03:57 – entryway
03:58-04:29 – living room
04:30-05:12 – dining area
05:13-06:10 – kitchen
06:11-07:28 – my future office
07:29-08:04 – mudroom
08:05-10:49 – primary bedroom
10:50-11:14 – main upstairs bathroom
11:15-11:30 – upstairs bedrooms
11:31-11:46 – door upgrades
11:47-12:10 – basement
12:11-13:32 – closing thoughts

If you’ve been following along throughout our home-buying process, you know that we purchased this house for a few reasons: we fell in love with its location (the town and this particular neighborhood especially), and we think the home has great bones. We can see ourselves staying here for at least the next decade.

Because we plan to stay for so long, we purchased the home knowing that we wanted to (eventually) makeover the space to fit our aesthetic style. You will see in the video that the previous owners had executed the cosmetic design with a very specific taste, so while the house was beautiful and in great condition, it didn’t totally align with our vision for the space—which is a more minimal, simple aesthetic.

When we were thinking about the scope of renovation work we would want to do, Michael and I initially thought that we’d do only a little bit before we moved in and push the more extensive projects to 5-10 years from now. However, we had this realization that we’re currently in a very unique spot; we own the house, but we’re not leaving NYC just yet, so for a few months, the space will be vacant. Wouldn’t that be prime time for renovations? The contractors and builders can come and go as they please, and we don’t have to make arrangements to be out of the house while they work. It’s less of an imposition on our day-to-day life, so we decided it would make the most sense logistically to get started on the bigger projects while we aren’t living in the space!

As you’ll see in the video, there is currently A LOT of work happening. We are painting the entire house a brighter white and we’re getting new lighting put in so that the space is bright, airy, and overall, a lot more modern.

To help achieve the beachy look I’m going for, we are also stripping the current hardwood floors and lightening them as much as possible. My goal is to have floors that look like matte, light wood.

Another change we are making to help bring the space together is updating all of the doors in the house to more modern, paneled doors with matte black hardware.

Throughout the video, I go into more detail about the renovation plans for each of the individual spaces—the living room, mudroom, kitchen, home offices, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.—so watch through for a more in-depth breakdown!

I’m really proud of myself because I actually did a decent amount of the re-imagination of this space. Our designer has been focusing more on the architectural edits that are being made to the home, so my mom and I have taken on the roles of interior designers. That being said, if you have any design suggestions, please drop them down below. I’m open to all of your ideas!

I really hope that you enjoyed taking a look at our house in today’s vlog! I’m beyond excited to watch this all come together and I’m so grateful that you guys are here watching my YouTube channel, and that I get to share this home renovation experience with you!!

I will keep you posted as things progress, so stay tuned!

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