May 29, 2023

Unlocking the Secret: Incredible Design Masterpiece

This is Casa AS, a modern industrial home sprinkled with art and sentimentality—a combined project of Mata Design with Architect Benson. If you want to get in touch with Mata Design, check their portfolio and book an appointment here~

The Casa AS by Mata Home Designs

600 SQM floor area.
729 SQM lot area

🟡 This property is not for sale

🟢Residence Facade –

Entrance has a Direct View of the Sculpture
Bricks for the Exterior
Concrete off-form (Japanese inspired) – cast concrete – Painstakingly Done – Strength and Minimalist Look
Stucco Finish
Wood Composite Cladding
Bridge (left is the general area, right is the private area)
Koi Pond in the front goes to the Back

🟢Living Room

Main Door has a Direct View of the Sculpture
Oakwood Doors – Unique and Not typical (took them some time to decide)
Terrazzo flooring – stone like feel.
Industrial design but not too hard, and a bit soft.
Black Mirror Divider
Renowned Local Artist – Sculpture – Jinggoy Buensoseco
Andersen – Double Glazed – Argon Gas (blocks heat and sound)
Beams Incorporated with the Glass – so that there won’t be a column in the middle.

🟢Dining Area

Terrazzo Flooring
Cantilevered Stairs – has air gaps – steel cladded with wood.
Wrought Iron
Skylight Design by the Stairs
Concealing Equipments and Electrical Appliances


German Branded Kitchen
Metal Cladding – Laser Cut – same sa canopies
Refrigerator (French Type) – As fresh as the day you bought it. (Value for Money)

🟢Family Room

Eaves are Wood Cladded – Great for maintenance
Open Space
Only TV in the House
Surround Sound
Overlooking View of the Living Area

🟢Service Quarters

Beautiful Artistic Stair Design

🟢Guest Bedroom

Designed with Kapampangan Culture Lifestyle
Typical to Entertain Guests from Abroad
Large Bedroom for Extended Family
Daybed / Sofa
Customized Italian Tile Cladding

🟢Girl’s Bedroom

Requirement – Two Girls should share a room
Scandinavian / Industrial Feel
Oakwood Doors compliment the Furnitures

🟢Boy’s Room

Industrial Feel
Floor Lamp

🟢Master’s Ante Room

View the outdoors from the Ante Room
Landscape Architecture is more cozy.
Local Pampanga Furniture – Export Quality

🟢Master’s Bedroom

Customized TV cabinet with Exhaust
CCTV System in Master’s Room
Divide was a Black Mirror
Private Garden in Bathroom

🟢House Design Highlights

No Beams or Columns protruding all through out the house
Piped in Music all through out the House
All Parts were aimed to be Beautiful
All Parts were aimed to be Cohesive, if they move furniture from one part to another the furnitures will still work.
Cohesive Color Scheme with few contrasting colors for depth

Presello BYO 12

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