May 29, 2023

The Most Complex Railings are DONE

After many months of patiently waiting, these insanely complex rails are finally ready to be installed! Tay had previously gotten the whole team at Lift Arc to pitch in to make the railings for this beautiful home out at Smith Mountain Lake. The staircase is one of the more intricate and confusing designs we’ve ever seen, so figuring out all the compound angles required was no small task!

In this video we are finally able to find some satisfaction in our work, and wrap up a project that’s been months in the making. We might have even gone through a wormhole into an alternate dimension since the airing of the first episode…

If you read this whole description write the word “wormhole” somewhere in your comment 😀

00:00 – 01:41 Recap
01:41 – 04:26 Powder Coating
04:26 – 08:16 Install
08:16 – 12:41 We Entered a Wormhole
12:41 – 14:33 Finishing Install
14:33 – 22:11 It’s Done!

Thanks for watching!

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Produced & Hosted by: Tay Whiteside
Filmed by: Tay Whiteside and Walker Hooper
Featuring: Wyatt Allen, Jake Freeland, and Steve Heintzel
Edited by: Walker Hooper

Music Licensed from

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Any technique or methodology shown in this video is purely for entertainment and informational purposes only. Lift Arc Studios and their associated craftsmen are not liable for any injury or damage to your shop or surrounding areas you man incur while trying to emulate these builds. Remember, be safe, have fun, work smart!


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