May 29, 2023

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Basement Leak Sealing Crack Repair

Cause of Damages

Basement cracks caused by the settlement of back fill or poor soil condition in general can lead to moisture intrusion and ultimately mold and unsightly damages.

Crack Repair Solution

For this Leak Sealing Repair the SealBoss provides an effective, easy to use water stop crack repair solution that creates an airtight and watertight hydrophobic seal that repels water once cured. The crack injection kit includes a SealBoss P2002 high-pressure injection pump, SealBoss 1510 hydrophobic resin with 15x catalyst and SealBoss mechanical Injection Packers which when used together allows the user to displace the hydrostatic pressure and fill the crack with a foam that reacts from the moisture present.

For structural repairs, please refer to the SealBoss Epoxy Injection System and Epoxy Repair Kits. You may also want to read our Epoxy versus Polyurethane article for in-detail information.

Negative side crack injection is conveniently performed from the inside of the structure.

Leak Sealing Crack Repair Procedure

At this residential basement structure were three major cracks that had signs of moisture intrusion as well as surface ports and quick dry paste left on the wall from a previous repair attempt.

Once the crack was cleaned and an injection strategy was decided on, the repair moved forward using the 1, 2, 3, 45 Degree Injection Guidelines beginning with hole placement. Once the holes were drilled, pre-injection of water showed positive movement from drill hole to crack as well as drill hole to drill hole travel. Once water was reintroduced into the crack, packers were installed and injection of the catalyzed 1510 hydrophobic resin could begin.

Because the cracks were roughly 3/8” wide, it was advised to slow the injection to eliminate excess waste and overfill of the crack. As resin flowed from the crack, a spray bottle was used to speed up the hydro-active reaction of SealBoss 1510. The foam began to vertically travel from port to port while sealing the face of the crack as it cured.

One of the vertical cracks had cracked through the foundation and was visible at grade level. To address this crack foam was injected from the floor to 12” down from the sill plate and the exterior was sealed to control the path of expansion and prevent leakage on the exterior. All cracks were sealed successfully. The surplus foam was scraped of the concrete surface and the structure is ready for additional treatments including cosmetic enhancements.

Please be advised that any underlying and all ongoing causes of structural damages, formation of cracks and settling — including, but not limited to, back fill settlement and poor soil density — should be investigated by a specialist and corrected, if deemed necessary.

SealBoss Water Stop & Leak Sealing Injection Pro Kit

Injection Resin: SealBoss 1510 w/ 15x Accelerator
Injection Packers: 1/2” 13-100 Evolution Aluminum Packers
High Pressure Pump: P2002 Single Component Injection Pump
Cleaning: R70 Pump Flush


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