September 21, 2023

I can't believe this is stronger than a Mortise & Tenon

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Just a little note about the other joints I wanted to test. I wanted to test out the rabbet, dowelled rabbet, miter, splined miter (two different versions), box joint, and dovetail in a sheer strength test. I knew it was going to take more force than the radial direction test, but I didn’t think a butt joint would be able to withstand 1250 lbs of pressure, so I quickly abandoned that idea. So, I’m going to leave that test and video for later, until I come up with a better plan.

Also, sorry for the hiatus! I moved, which is a lot of work already, but I also renovated the garage in the new place with studs, insulation, electrical, drywall, plaster, paint and a mini split install to make my new workshop more comfortable to work in, and easier on the eyes for my content. I also finished off my EE degree whilst doing that, so you can imagine that time was tight. But I’m back baby! And you can definitely expect a whole lot more content coming from me! Thanks for sticking around and I truly appreciate everyone who watches the content that I produce.

I may to a shop update/new shop tour/lessons learned from working in a tiny basement shop sort of video, we’ll see. I have to make a good story out of it, because the renovation itself was pretty boring… boring enough that I didn’t want to film it, but rather do the reno as fast as I could so that I could get back to making woodworking content sooner, which is way better than watching someone frame a wall. At any rate, if you go to my Instagram, there is a highlight reel that partially documents the process (more like a bunch of complaining)… @scottydwalsh

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Anti-Static Hose Attachment:
Drill and Driver:
Countersink Drill Bit:
3/32″ Round Over Bit:
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Table Saw Blade:
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