September 21, 2023

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FEDISA FURNITURE is specialized in Customize all kinds of furniture. Each furniture can be customized according to your requests.
Our furniture include living room furniture, dining room furniture, bed room furniture, study room furniture, etc. Products are mainly used in the family, villas, hotels, salon and other engineering industries.

We have more than 45 years of custom furniture experience, custom furniture products more than thousands of species. Just say your idea, we can help you make a perfect set of furniture.

Delivery service

we can, we care, worldwide

We can: send us your enquiry and we will feedback. For further clarification we will contact you to revise our offer. We care: we care of all the aspects: from design to post-sale service. We will assist from initial offer to detailed clarifications, to be sure you are purchasing what you are looking for. Worldwide: we ship worldwide in Europe or overseas. We pack the goods properly and ship them by trustworthy forwarders. Insurance to any risk is always included.

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