September 21, 2023

Convert Kitchen Cabinets to Drawers – Farmhouse Renovation – Kitchen: Part 1

In this video, we take on the KITCHEN! More specifically, our cabinets. I have wanted drawer bases for our cabinets for a while now and Zack has made it happen. WOOT WOOT! We custom made our counters so we didn’t want to ruin them by replacing our cabinets, and to be honest, new cabinets are just not in the budget. So this was our alternative and I LOVE IT! Zack explains how he went about making this happen for me and we hope that you find it helpful! Now back to finishing the Kitchen!

MATERIALS: All we needed to purchase for this was:
~1 sheet of melamine board
~4 sets of soft close drawer sliders
~1 tube of wood filler
~and a sample size can of cabinet paint to touch up.
All in, we were under $200 for everything and it was completed in a few hours.

COMING UP: Kitchen renovation continued and DISHWASHER installation. See how we make it work with our solar system!


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