September 21, 2023

Custom Cabinetry on point though 👌| Kitchen Renovation Remodel

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I really felt for my clients on this job. The contractor they were working with turned into a nightmare with jobs unfinished, work that will need to be redone and deadlines missed.

The cabinetry though. On point 👌

One of the biggest elements of service I strive to give to my customers is trust and peace of mind.

The lesson my client learned, that I’d like to pass on to you (one that’s also very key in business)

👉🏻 Hire slowly, fire quickly.

👉🏻 If mistakes and problems are happening, pause the job and have things corrected before proceeding further.

👉🏻 Check reviews before you hire.

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TOOLS used on the channel:

Brad Nailer:

Hammer Drill:

Hand Planer:

Hole Saw Kit:

Impact Driver:

Jig Drill Guide:

Jig Saw:

Job site radio (Milwaukee)

Pin Nailer:

Leg Levellers:

Level (4 foot):

Miter Saw:

Miter Saw Stand:

Portable Table Saw:

Saw Horse Set:


3rd Hand Jacks:


FILMING EQUIPMENT that’s easy to use and reliable:


GoPro Hero 9

GoPro Accessory Kit



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