June 4, 2023

💻 3 Xfinity WiFi Tricks (Dr. NOOB's Lab)

3 Xfinity Wifi Tricks (Dr. NOOB’s Lab)

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Trick 1: 00:00:21
Get around the 1TB limit. This is the easiest one, simply connect to the Xfinity Comcast WiFi hotspot connection, log in with your account and continue surfing. As of Jan 2019, this will not count towards your monthly data usage

Trick 2: 00:01:40
Boost your upload by bonding your primary connection with the Xfinity WiFi connection. This can be accomplished using a program called Speedify. Speedify free version allows up to 5GB bonded which is perfect if you just want a boost while uploading large files or streaming. You can also go beyond 5GB with a subscription. download speedify here:


Trick 3: 00:05:17
Unlimited use of the free guest pass. This can be accomplished by making a new account after each free session and changing your MAC address using a free MAC changer. The one I use in the video is free and can be found at the link below. The free MAC changer only changes a few numbers with the free version. The paid version allows you to put whatever address you wish. Please note depending on your area the pass maybe a 30 minute or an hour. I have also seen a difference in time such as a free session every month, week or day.
Side Notes for Tricks 1 & 2: I have made Comcast fully aware of this workaround in the past as well as others and they have not made any changes or corrections. As a Comcast subscriber, you are allowed to use the services they provide such as the Xfinity hotspots and your own connections. I have not read anything in regards to bonding the connections or using the Xfinity hotspot for continued uncapped service.

Side Notes for Trick 3: Since they only use your MAC address and do not authenticate the E-mail, Please note that it is your MAC address which is on your physical network card or Wifi card. It is your right to do as you wish with your hardware. A MAC address does not determine identity.

Let me know what worked for you and/or anything new you may have found yourself. Please note Comcast may make changes in the future if you find that one of these tricks no longer works let us know in the comments.

Add another Wifi card to your laptop:

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