January 22, 2022

10 Bedroom Closet Remodel Ideas

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10. Boutique Inspired (01:00)
Remodeling a bedroom closet to look like a boutique is something you can do with a minimum budget.
9. Opt for Bypass Doors (01:48)
For a built-in closet, replacing the usual door with sliding or bypass types is a good idea.
8. Level Up with More Rods (02:26)
Adding bars for hanging your clothes can double up your closet space. Moreover, you can store more clothes in it.
7. Play with Color (02:59)
New paint can give your closet a different look without changing the design.
6. Install Pull Down Hanger (03:26)
If you have narrow and limited space, you will love this pull-down hanger system.
5. Make it Tidy with Dividers (04:08)
If you intend to stack your clothes, you will need dividers to prevent them from creating havoc.
4. Fold Out Ironing Bar (04:47)
This walk-in closet features a fold-out ironing board that you can store away in the drawer when not in use.
3. Install Lights in the Closet (05:18)
Other than painting the closet in bright colors, installing lights will also add brightness to it.
2. Adjustable Racks (05:46)
There are many closet systems you can incorporate into your own. Wall racks can fit your small things like jewelry, belt, or ties.
1. Max Space (06:30)
Lastly, don’t worry if you have a small closet. You can maximize it with more hooks on the back of the door for hanging belts or ties.
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