May 16, 2022

How to build a Concrete Block Basement for Beginners. Part 1 D.I.Y.

My Manufactured Home Addition with CMU block basement.
This is part 1 of how to build a concrete / CMU / Cinder block basement where I will cover a lot of basics and concrete block courses 1-2 .

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CMU / concrete blocks used:

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A concrete masonry unit (CMU) is a standard size rectangular block used in building construction. CMUs are some of the most versatile building products available because of the wide variety of appearances that can be achieved using them.

Those that use cinders (fly ash or bottom ash) as an aggregate material are called cinder blocks in the United States, breeze blocks (breeze is a synonym of ash) in the United Kingdom, and hollow blocks in the Philippines. In New Zealand and Canada they are known as concrete blocks (a name common in the United States also). In New Zealand, they are also called construction blocks.

In Australia they are also called Besser blocks and Besser bricks, because the Besser Company was a major supplier of machines that made concrete blocks. Clinker blocks use clinker as aggregate. In non-technical usage, the terms cinder block and breeze block are often generalized to cover all of these varieties.

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