March 21, 2023

Beautiful bathroom floor and wall tiles design ideas 2021

Beautiful bathroom floor and wall tiles design ideas and trends 2021 in a bathroom tour of six totally different amazing bathrooms. Experience six different colour combinations for a modern bathroom, or find your suitable bath room layout and discover the latest trends 2021 / 2022 for wall tiles, floor tiles and sanitary.

Interior design ideas for your tub to shower transformation or your giant shower makeover. With new shower floor ideas, also design planning for your bathroom remodel with a elegant sliding glass door which you can push away for more space in the small bathroom and also a shower seat for relaxing.
Waterproof showerfloor with floor tiles and epoxy resin joints in combination with big wall tiles are a breathtaking design for the bathroom 2021.

International interiordesign ideas and bathroom trends 2021 like design washbasin furniture and trendy large tiles. Listen to the shower sound with refreshingly drops of water and find also new technology ideas in this interior bathroom tour with tile trends and bathdesign 2020 / 2021. Timeless elegant design ideas and modern bathroom tiles in combination with good bathroom planning to show you how to renovate the tub / shower from A to Z into your new dream bathroom.

0:00 bathroom 1 | Lava gray and natural cream
0:26 bathroom 2 | white marble and glass green
0:47 bathroom 3 | vanilla cream and coffee brown
1:07 gliding shower door
1:17 bathroom 4 | Black and white
1:37 bathroom 5 | stone gray and antique wood
1:57 bathroom 6 | anhracite and ocean white
2:10 shower bench / shower seat
2:20 air water shower pipe
2:35 glass mosaic
2:54 niche with mosaic
3:05 modern vanity unit
3:16 shower design
3:38 new wall tiles surface
3:49 large illuminated mirror
3:59 design shower pipe
4:10 small bathroom design
4:20 sliding glass door
4:42 floor-level shower bathtub
4:52 black floor tiles
5:02 glass shower wall
5:19 walk into the new bathroom
5:29 toilet grab bars
5:47 bathroom with sloping roof
6:00 white marble floor tiles
6:16 recessed ceiling spotlights
6:27 large shower area
6:40 amazing walk in
6:51 italian design fittings
7:14 family attic bathroom
7:28 glass sink
7:42 sanitary design
7:57 beautiful small bathroom
8:15 timeless colour design
8:25 tile profiles
8:35 flat shower fitting
8:52 shower thermostat
9:02 tray with tiles
9:22 furniture design washbasin
9:40 extra-large wall tiles
10:04 trendy floor tiles
10:19 the best for last

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