September 21, 2023

Know How Your Coax and Internet Cables are Setup In Your House

Curt with Canyon Cove Homes, one of the last things we need to consider in the utility room is the communications portions of the home. This is the communication hub as well as where the power panel box is located. First, let’s start off with the coax cables as you can see right here, we have run all of the TV jacks or the coax jacks from the house to this main hub. From here there is a line that runs to the outside of the house next to power panel box or meter box on the outside and that’s where your communications company will put their box and tie it all together. The other important part of communications is, of course, your telephone lines. Not everybody has land lines anymore but if you do this is where the jacks in your home would come to. From here there’s actually a line that runs to the outside of the house again where your phone company can connect into it. You can also do networking or what not if you choose to by rewiring to the various locations of your home.


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