September 21, 2023

New living room partition style for your home

These days, modern homes are ruled by an open floor plan and integrated social spaces. Therefore, breaking the monotony of free-flowing space with partitions is a welcome addition to the home decor. In modern interior decoration, room dividers are not always used to provide privacy. Sometimes they exist to divide the area and demarcate the space cleanly and creatively. When it comes to creating a partition between the hall and dining room, it has to be beautiful since it is where the family gathers and friends are entertained. Take a look at these ten inventive and artistic ways to divide the space to get ideas on how to enhance the beauty of the living cum dining room.

style partition in modern décor
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Intricate jali work has been a part of word architecture for centuries. Bring the classic jali pattern into the home décor using the partition, and divide the hall from the dining room in a stylish way.

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A wooden crockery unit that partitions the living and the dining room is functional as well. While one side with cabinets and shelves serves as a crockery unit, the other side facing the living room becomes the TV unit or a place to display décor accessories.

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3. Aesthetic partition in the middle
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When the room is vast, the free space may become overwhelming if not controlled well. A beautiful partition with latticework in white is in sync with the colour of the wall and provides relief by defining the rooms within a large hall.

Wood carving is an ancient craft! Nowadays, laser-cut wood, or acrylic panels, replicate the art form on the partition wall of the hall and dining room, giving it an exclusive and exquisite look. The leaf motif carved into the panel in this hall gives it a unique feature. Similarly, one can personalise the design according to one’s preference.

The interior designer has used the space creatively to create a wall with greenery on the wooden room divider. The lower portion has solid wood and is used as the back wall for the sofa in the living room as well as a crockery cabinet in the dining room. The top section is used to add refreshing greenery to the hall with plants and planters.

A closer look at the partition from the living room

The metallic shine of a golden separator
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Living room partition designs in world homes can lend an understated elegance while fully serving their purpose. Here, although it does not provide much privacy, the beautifully crafted partition in gold divides and decorates the space aesthetically.

A simple design for a partition
Classic style living room

Simple hall dining partition ideas can have a powerful impact when it comes to enhancing the beauty of modern spaces. Vertical wooden panels supported with horizontal slats form a simple yet elegant partition wall for dividing the hall from the dining room.

Too many walls can cramp up space in a small home, whereas the absence of walls may result in a lack of storage space in the house. Therefore, taking the middle path, the designers have partitioned the area using a wall with shelves on one side and a long table on the other side to take care of the many requirements from the room.

View from a different angle
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According to professionals, in city homes where every square meter matters, it is advisable to use space smartly and build a bar as the partition for dividing the hall from the dining room. The bottle rack, bar table and high chairs will create a perfect partition in any home, and it is a useful feature too.

The free-flowing space is obstructed elegantly by the partially see-through wooden partition. Furthermore, the partition can be used to convert the area into the art gallery of the house with decorative pieces adorning the shelves.

Get more ideas for wooden partition designs for modern homes.

Other interesting partition designs
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If you are looking for extremely simple and elegant partition designs between living dining then this option can definitely serve your purpose. The vertically placed long wooden bars effortlessly separate the dining hall and the living section partition design.



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