September 21, 2023

Living/ Dining/ Kitchen hall interior Design 3D

Interior of residential house (living Hall cum Kitchen Dining)
Location : Bharatpur, Chitwan
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We believe that Interior design is not just about designing what’s in the box, but how everything within the box connects to the surroundings or how the surroundings could compliment the interior.

Designing a beautiful home is a team effort, the cooperation and chemistry between the designers and owners is very important.

Adapting to the clients existing lifestyle and habits, how the new spatial choreography could uplift their lifestyle, this adds value to both for the clients and our design outcome.

This project depicts giving life to each space, more purpose to each corner and emphasis of family bonds.

The experience and feeling of the journey walking from the entrance and from one space to another, reminds us how valuable the little details are in life.

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