May 16, 2022

How to Waterproof a Shower Floor | Hot Mop a Shower Pan | Pulsar Construction

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We will show you one of the most reliable ways to make a waterproofing shower floor in your bathroom remodel. This method is called hot mop, and it is the best way to seal the joints of the corners of the shower floor and the edge of the drain pipe. We recommend that you contact a licensed company that specializes in ‘waterproofing of surface.’ This is one of the most essential steps in bathroom remodeling. Framing should be flat; all nails and screws are screwed in flush with the wood surface. The first step is to prepare the pre-slope for tile installation and the first layer of black paper and install metal plates where the ventilation and sewer pipes pass. In total, 3 layers of black paper are made, each of which is connected by a hot mop. After completing the hot mop process, it is necessary to wait for the surface to cool completely and test for a leak test. Then your waterproofing membrane is ready for the tile installation.

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