March 21, 2023

Waterproofing Basement Walls | Finished & UnFinished Basement

Waterproofing interior basement walls with paint, tar, or drylok can be a big mistake. Concrete waterproofing is a science. In this video, Peter O’Shea will show you a basement in Middlebury, CT, with accelerated wall damage and a useless perimeter waterproofing system. He will explain how it happened and what is necessary to fix the problem.

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Since 1997, American Dry Basement Systems is waterproofing basements, encapsulating crawl spaces, installing sump pumps and battery backup systems, and repairing foundation cracks in basements throughout Connecticut & Southeastern New York. Our mission is a simple one. We ensure that every customer that installs our basement waterproofing system will be water-free for life.

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