January 22, 2022

Product Review | How to apply waterproofing system | Pentens T-100 Pro Bituminous PU & T-007 Primer

PENTENS T-007 is a 100% acrylic cement modifier based on a proven 100% acrylic polymer designed to improve the chemical, corrosion, moisture, and salt resistance of cement renders. It is superior compared to most PVA and SBR-based modifiers because of its superior durability and resistance to hydrolysis. It has been specially formulated for use in high alkaline cement environments. Cement mortars based on PENTENS T-007 will adhere to a wide range of materials such as metals, timber, insulation foams as well as new and old concrete.
Pentens T-007 Cement Modifier Acrylic Polymer – https://bit.ly/33yTUiu

PENTENS T-100 Pro is a single component water-based bitumen PU emulsion containing fine aggregate, filler, and fiber. PENTENS T-100 Pro is specially formulated to produce a tough, flexible, trafficable, and durable bituminous film when dry.
Pentens T-100 Pro Water-Based Bituminous PU Waterproofing Coating – https://bit.ly/3kfkao0

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