January 22, 2022

Why Basement Waterproofing of Michigan is the best waterproofing company the best basement systems

If you are wondering how to waterproof a basement with the best type of basement systems watch this video to learn the best way to waterproof a basement. There are a lot of different basement waterproofing and foundation systems out there to help keep a dry basement and healthy home. Out of all the various types of basement systems, we find that the waterproofing systems offered by Grate Products are by far he most reliable. Not only can the Grate Drain basement waterproofing system keep a basement dry, but it can also help promote a healthier living space for people to live. BWM Basement Waterproofing of Michigan is the only factory authorized Grate Drain basement waterproofing system dealer in southeastern lower Michigan. BWM Services all of Metro Detroit and the surrounding communities.
There are four different ways to waterproof a basement and in this video we touch on all four methods. Hydraulic sealant, exterior excavation, interior footing mount drainage systems, and interior drain tile or french drain types of basement waterproofing systems are the most common methods to basement waterproofing. Each type of method offers its own set of pro’s and cons and this clip highlights each method.
If you would like more information, please contact an authorized Grate Products dealer or call BWM Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair of Michigan.


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