May 17, 2022

Mold and Rot on a BRAND NEW HOUSE – What went wrong?

HouseWrap… more like HouseCrap! This brand new house has some rot & mold issues and it’s never been lived in. My company took over this job under-construction and with some investigation we realized there were some inferior waterproofing details behind the siding and stucco. When we ripped off the facade we found tons of problems on this 6 month old house. Join Matt and Jordon on this Build Show where we investigate the issues, talk about an inferior house wrap, and test for leaks with some dyed water.

Here’s the videos mentioned:
Water Testing The Stone On This House

Zip 2.0 Method

Matt’s Knife in the Video

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Huge thanks to our Show sponsors Polywall, Huber, Dorken Delta, Prosoco, & Rockwool for helping to make these videos possible! These are all trusted companies that Matt has worked with for years and trusts their products in the homes he builds. We would highly encourage you to check out their websites for more info.


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