June 4, 2023

15 Modern Dining Room Lighting Trends | 91-9717473118

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Let’s start a journey of dining room lighting trends to decorate it more beautifully.

So, we know dining room is a place where we eat delicious meals and discuss about the day had spent. It is good have a nice table set and wallpaper design in dining room but this is not the end of decoration.

1. Sculptural Light
2. Design of Japanese Lighting
3. Vintage Chandelier
4. Paper Pendants
5. Geometric Style
6. Bubbles Lights
7. The Lanterns
8. Crystal Chandelier
9. Industrial Style
10. Wood light Pendant
11. Fabric Lights
12. Glass Stone Light Pendant
13. Metal Pendant
14. Ceramic Lights
15. Capiz Shell Chandelier


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