May 17, 2022

Adley’s GRADUATiON 🖍️ Last Day of School and Bug Catching with all our Spacestation app friends

and a SNEAK PEEK at Niko’s Birthday Surprise 🦖🦕


Best Graduation Day Ever 1207

It’s an extra special Best Day Ever today, cause Adley is graduating!! Oh yeah, oh yeah!! It’s her last day of kindergarten and we have to get ready so we can get her diploma. Adley learned so much this last year. How to read and write, her ABC’s and how to do math. She also learned how to play Roblox!! lol

She’s so excited to be moving on to first grade next year. And she’s not the only one, because Niko Bear is also going to be starting preschool soon too and he’s super excited. While we are finishing getting ready to take some last day of school pictures. I want to show you guys something really cool. We have a brand new Best Day Ever beach towel that you can buy! It’s got a really cool design, it’s super soft, and we quickly learn that it makes a great magic carpet for the kiddos to ride around on. I love starting off the day with family fun and hearing Adley and Niko Bear laughing. We head out front to get a picture of Adley, and if you remember what happened the last time we took school pictures, Adley escaped!! Niko Bear and I have to be picture police and go chase her down.

After all the school and graduation fun is over, its off to pirate island to meet up with my really good friends Eli, Ethan, Macaiah, and Canaan. So Eli is a homie for way back in the days of the Spacestation being in the basement of our old house. He animated the vlog where Tall Chicken and i caught some bees in our backyard. Well we stayed friends from back in those days, and when it came time to start making Adley’s app, we started working together and it’s been perfect. Well he is in town and I met him just a few days ago!! One of his bucket list items is to have a bowl of cereal with me. So I grab some Magic Spoon and milk and head to the lake lot to hang out.

We catch up and have a great time sharing some exciting updates to the Unicorn Catch and Adley’s Playspace apps!! We also have to show you an awesome adventure we took with the kiddos out to Antelope Island where we went bug catching and got really close to a bison!! It was incredible.

Back at the Spacestation, i have one more surprise to show you. We are about to transform pirate island into lava land for Niko Bear’s birthday. I can’t show you everything, but just know that dinosaurs are about to take over our park!!

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