March 21, 2023

I Cant Believe She KISSED Me On My FIRST DATE!! (Mystery Neighbor Ellen Has a Crush On Me)

Stephen Sharer went on his first date with Ellen Mystery Neighbor!! Stephen is not in love though. Stephen is undercover to try to steal back the $10,000 Ellen stole from Stephen Sharer so he is pretending to fall in love and have a crush on the mystery neighbor. Both Stephen and Ellen ride together in the Lamborghini Sharerghini and listen to Stephen Sharer New Song “Last Forever” while Ellen sings along in the lambo. Then the couple go on a date to the beach with a picnic and then they go shopping together just like a real first date crush!! Is the mystery neighbor in love with Stephen Sharer?

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Mystery Neighbor Spotted on First Date!! (Who is Her Crush?!)

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