August 9, 2022

Bedroom Remodel Time-Lapse 3 Months Work In 22 Minutes

3 months work in 22 minutes! For a more in depth look at this project, check out my 8 part series below…

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Project breakdown –

I rip out all of the old wood paneling sheets and tile ceiling.
Ep 1 –

Remove the old drywall
Ep 2 –

Install a beam and rip down a wall to expand the bedroom a little.
Ep 3 ––w

Start framing the built-in shelving, bust down a wall to make a door, install new windows, insulate and hang the drywall.
Ep 4 –

Finish off the drywall by doing the metal corner bead, drywall tape and 3 coats of joint compound.
Ep 5 –

Electrical and patch some hardwood floor, start the built-in drawers and sand the joint compound!
Ep 6 –

Install all of the trim, finish the built-ins and paint everything!
Ep 7 –

Sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors.
Ep 8 –

Room Fully Furnished and Decorated

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Floor polyurethane –
Wall Paint – Behr Ultra “Classic Taupe” Base 2754
Accent Wall Paint – Behr Marquee “Toffee Crunch” Base 2454
Ceiling paint –
Trim and Cabinet paint –

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The song in this video is called “Right Now” by Rick Steel

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